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Herman van Ingelgam



09/12/2011 –
– 21/01

Meaning is never unchangeable, fixed or absolute, instead always flowing and drifting. Meaning is never singular but rather cluster shaped with large and small cores that grow or decrease in a seemingly organic way and inevitably fluctuate in all possible directions.

One can give, accept, reject, ignore, lose meaning… Meaning may languish, grow, transform, decrease, erode… During the building of an exhibition, this problem is perpetually and emphatically at the surface, in a sense being the primary theme to every exhibition.

After all, every artist is occupied with the uncovering of flows of meaning. He discovers them, analyzes them, criticizes them, or simply allows himself to float away on them. Herman van Ingelgem consistently sets from his immediate surroundings. His work is based on every day architectural elements and recognizable objects.

Like a cluster or gears, it grafts itself onto existing reality and generates a (sometimes minimal) fluctuation in systems of meaning. His work questions our expectations and ideas concerning space, presentation, representation and how we handle our private experiences.

For his solo presentation in 1646, Herman van Ingelgem investigated the rhythm of daily life: describing his own work, he himself spoke about the rhythm of murmur and sounds that occur while watching the show. Simple objects and their unexpected possibility to influence situations and relationships lie at the foundation of his recent work that, through changing constellations, uncovers the pendulous movements between our daily life and our reflections.


About Herman van Ingelgam: Please visit the website of the artist for more information.


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