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27 Feb 2020

Background Evening Afra Eisma

afra eisma

We are delighted to invite you to Afra Eisma’s Background Evening, alongside her solo-exhibition Feline Whispers, at 1646. In the exhibition, Eisma uses generosity, nourishment and sharing as necessary counters in a world full of exclusion and deprivation.

Eisma’s Background Evening will focus on a game of sharing and coming together with the Experimental Pizza Club, which was founded in 2018 by Katrina Niebergal, Daisy Madden-Wells, and Eisma. The E.P.C. is about coming together and adding the element of play to the process of making pizza. The game is for each person to bring three ingredients to the table, with the challenge to choose ingredients that pique curiosity. The toppings are all gathered on a large table and one person starts by picking the sauce, the next will add one topping, the one after that will add another, etcetera, until someone decides a balance is reached and declares the pizza finished.

The E.P.C. is an exercise in letting go, of losing control, of trying to rhyme with toppings chosen by others, a cadavre exquis of flavors.