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5 Oct 2017

Background Evening Dennis Tyfus

On 5th of October Ultra Eczema will present her 240st edition in the form of a LP of The Ramone: the complete first lp of The Ramones played on recorder.

Afterwards Dennis Tyfus will spin some records ranging from the worst of the worst to the best of all times!

Dennis Tyfus (Antwerp, 1979) is simultaneously an outcast and a unifying factor in the Antwerp art scene. He uses the record label as a vehicle for all sorts of collaborations with a range of artists and musicians, which causes uncertainty when it comes to position his work for both the art world professionals as for the wider audience. His work that might rather be described as a form of being than as separate artworks often hovers in the grey area between arts, city life and popular culture. 

The solo exhibition of Dennis Tyfus will will be on view until 22 October and consists of a temporary take over by ‘De Nor’ (the joint) in 1646: one of the legendary spaces that Dennis Tyfus runs and has run himself, a place where many of his activities come together, where music is made, paintings and drawings are shown and people dance. De Nor is a travelling bar, visiting several cities starting in The Hague, before it will be permanently installed in Middelheim next year.

On 21 October during Museum Night in The Hague the artist will offer an evening of No Choice Tattoos in De Nor: The only choice is the size of the tattoo and place or body part: a permanent surprise!