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8 Jul 2018

background evening Sam Keogh

For the background of the current solo exhibition of Sam Keogh, 1646 is hosting an artist talk with Sam Keogh. He will elaborate on his inspiration for the show and his collaboration with the Iduna Institute for Strategic Imitation & Delay, that resulted in the soundtrack that was developed especially for this exhibition.

Keogh was born in Ireland in 1985. His work spans installation, sculpture, performance, drawing and collage. His installations often facilitate a performance which morphs sculpture into props and collage into mnemonic devices or surfaces to be read as visual scripts. These scripts take the form of dramatised, rambling monologues, densely packed with references to popular culture, wikipedic ‘factoids’ on various topics, politics, history, anecdotes and descriptions of physical and chemical processes. Through performance, the dialogue, collage and sculpture become knots saturated with confused information. They are Keogh’s attempts to make information tangible and malleable until it can be treated as a sculptural medium; to make something epistemic into something haptic.

The Iduna Institute for Strategic Imitation & Delay is based in Amsterdam from where it “pursues a programme of sober renovations upon the world-spirit.”