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20 Apr 2017

Background evening with Steinar Haga Kristensen

On this evening artist Steinar Haga Kristensen has chosen to present a selection of performance work by artist group D.O.R.

The group was active between 2006 -2016. Their work is characterized by an in-depth theoretical conversation on the term “Neo-Relational” a term summing up the spirit of their practice, – means being in favour of defeating the logo-centrism of western culture, restoring pragmatism and the importance of instinct to the work of art.
The group members were artists Sverre Gullesen, Kristian Ø Dahl and Steinar Haga Kristensen.


Collection of Centers good vs. bad models of collaboration
Discussion on the confines of reason under the neo-relational regime. Following the debate D.O.R. also perform a set of significant actions.
 Panel: author Sindy Barbera and curator Veary Tall moderated by art historian Carsten Hödle.

Untitled Give it all up Again
Performance and actions by D.O.R at the Vernissag of the exhibition Give it all up again
by Institutt for Degenerert Kuns at Gallery D.O.R.

Situations as Object (Framed)

Performance and actions by D.O.R at the inaugural exhibition at Gallery D.O.R.


Evolving according to an expanded chorographical principle Gallery D.O.R. takes its leading methods from the commercial Galleries globalized, institutionalized and fine tuned formalities. D.O.R. has scripted and will perform an ambiance so close to a Gallery situation that it will transcend the Ibensian social realistic “problem drama”. Gallery D.O.R is performed by the artist group D.O.R (Sverre Gullesen, Steinar Haga Kristensen & Kristian Ø. Dahl)

Situation The Kashubian Interregnum
Performative work for “ACT XI: Let us compare mythologies” performance cycle at Witte de With,

From Processology to Neo-Relationalism chaos to consensus,
a debate at Record Gallery, Oslo, 2008

From Processology to Neo-Relationalism
chaos to consensus, a debate takes form as a panel debate on the “Neo-Relations, Aesthetics of the now”.
D.O.R. have initiated a series of panel-discussions between art historian Cindy Barbera, the author of the publication Slippery Translucence and Neo-relational aesthetic; scornful, but (at least) it has identity(!) and curator at Proper Palate Gallery, Veary Tall. They are discussing the inherent potential in neo-relational esthetics and how these strategies affect our every-day life. The discussions are beeing lead by director of Die neue institute, Niclas Hödler.

Kaupang Laive New-historicalism for our time
at UKS, Oslo, Norway, 2007
The Kaupang Laive was a three-day Live improvised theatrical role-play that simulated the first urban community in Norway, namely Kapangen i Skiringssal year 800. The participants only had their character description as a reference on how to perform