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14 - 14 Jan 2015

Background Evening Zin Taylor

The artist states:

When I think of background, an hazy fog of anecdotes appears. This cloud contains elements of information. It’s time to transition them into a form. I imagine the evening to be something of a radio show: records will be played, a BBQ will be set up, little texts will be recited (ones I’ve written, ones I’ve read), images and video clips will be screened. The program has a sympathetic exchange to what is available from the all-over frieze inscribed on the walls. It will be quite casual, as visitors can come and go as they like. Because, naturally, a background persists if it’s invited or not. This performance will be somewhat of an analog to the ideas of translation and language that have gone into the show – thoughts taking shape within the void.

How does an idea develop into a gesture?

What shape does it take?

How is it recorded?

The room presents a stage for thinking, and I’ll be the Illustrator of these thoughts. Let the landscape of caricature activate into opportunities – where the form of one language takes on the form of another.