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8 Nov 2013


For the second Background Event Hedwig Houben has invited her former teacher Rob Leijdekkers to give a guided tour of her solo exhibition at 1646 this Friday 8 November.
Instead of one single evening to discuss her work Houben has organized three different moments for which she invited three guests who are closely related and well acquainted with her work, to give guided tours, allowing them to give their points of view without any intervention on her part. The format of the guided tour corresponds to the work of Hedwig Houben, that is often informed by a performative practice and a subjective position. As her former teacher at the art academy St. Joost in Breda Rob Leijdekkers has been following Houbens developments in her work and will give his personal take on it at 1646.

On 14 November the third and last Background Event of Hedwig Houbens exhibition will take place with guest Brenda Tempelaar an artist that used to be Houbens student at the academy.