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15 - 15 Oct 2020

[canceled] Background Evening Agnes Scherer

agnes scherer

As you may have heard, we have arrived at a partial lockdown in The Netherlands. This means that we have to cancel Agnes Scherer’s Background Evening of 15/10. This is unfortunate, though not unexpected.

For this reason we do have some good news: we will record the evening as planned, so we can still have an insightful event without an audience for you to view at your own leisure. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel!

This Background Evening would have been a conversation in an intimate setting, about Agnes’ exhibition, previous works, and the themes that inform her practice.

The narrative installation Melancholy of the Apostles mobilizes sculpture, painting and video to recount and simultaneously prefigure The Salty Testament.

The Salty Testament is a theatrical dance piece that reimagines the narrative of the New Testament under water. This drastic relocation serves to induce a programmatic reenvisioning of the biblical content down to its details. As with the rose of Jericho, the „irrigation“ of the narrative prompts it to unfurl into a liberated, more florid version of itself.

Accompanying each solo exhibition, 1646 asks the artist to develop the content for a Background Evening. The Background Evenings nurture a direct interaction between the audience and the artists in an event based on discussion and exchange.

RSVP required, limited availability.


1646 in times of Corona

We are delighted that 1646 can still open its doors to visitors, during regular opening hours, keen to provide a welcoming space where you can immerse yourself in an exhibition, reflect, speculate, imagine.

The health of both visitors and staff are always paramount. We comply with the national coronavirus measures as stated by the RIVM. This means we need to work together, as staff and visitors, to make sure we can stay safe and stay open. Upon entering 1646, all visitors agree that they themselves or members of their household haven’t had symptoms such as coughing or fever in the past two weeks.

Additionally, please keep a safe distance from one another while inside or out front, and understand that we cannot allow more than 15 visitors at one time.

So, to recap, the Corona measures we ask visitors to comply with upon entering 1646 are as follows:
- keep 1,5m distance
- a maximum of 15 visitors inside
- when we’re at capacity we kindly ask you to wait outside maintaining the appropriate distance
- write down your contact details upon entering 1646
- follow routing within the exhibition

For more information please contact