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18 Nov 2015

CANCELLED!: Conversation Piece with Frédérique Bergholtz


A rescheduled date will be announced later.

The main theme in Wrånes’ exhibition at 1646 is the connections between odd things. Wrånes worked with the space as a sculpture in itself, imbedded in a marine carpet, turning the exhibition space into a combined cave and boat at the same time. The room is filled with sound as if you are on a mountain plateau: what you see and what you hear creates two different incompatible references. A lot of Wrånes work is based on sound, and the carpet in this installation is in fact doing the opposite of adding sound. It takes away sound of everyone’s steps and creates an almost invisible error between the visible and the audible. Tori Wrånes is interested in making errors, to make the brain run other errands than usual, in the glitches and erroneous connections that can occur.

Frédérique Bergholtz is co-founder and director of If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part of Your Revolution, a curatorial production house for performance related art and research based in Amsterdam. She is also working as a tutor at the Dutch Art Institute since 2009. She previously worked as visual arts curator at Huis a/d Werf theatre in Utrecht (2005–2007) and was director of Marres, centre for contemporary art in Maastricht (1998–2005). In 2010 she co-curated Art Sheffield – Life: A User’s Manual. She studied Art History at Utrecht University.