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28 May 2015

Conversation Piece: NO CHOICE TATTOOS

dennis tyfus

A surprise party on your body!

1646 invited the Antwerp based artist Dennis Tyfus to host an evening during the exhibition Very Good / Good/ Not So Good / Bad by Vaast Colson.

Thinking about the values of good and bad, Dennis Tyfus decided to offer an evening of No Choice Tattoos:
A permanent surprise!
No shadows, no colors, no stencils, NO CHOICE!

To get your tattoo, make a reservation by sending an email to:
A small tattoo costs 50 euros. The only choice you have concerns the size and place or bodypart.

Dennis Tyfus (Antwerp, 1979) is not at all preoccupied with art and even less with the art world. He simply draws, paints, takes photographs, makes films, plays noise music, sings, parodies, produces gramophone records and CDs, creates books and magazines, has a programme on Radio Centraal, makes collages, and lodges his oeuvre under the Ultra Eczema label.