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27 Oct 2018

Coyote Explained

Artist talk and screening by Anna Breu

“I made all the candles
I’m a candlemaker
I made all the candles
I’m a candlemaker

I got this hammer
but I don’t have an anvil
I’m a candlemaker
but I don’t have an anvil”

Pieces of wisdom, playfulness and trickery often go hand in hand. Their appearances may be deceiving. Coyote is a symbol of magic in life and creation. However, it also can be associated with the dark side of witchcraft. The flipside of a bad omen is the spirit of resourcefulness and ability to survive.

Anna Breu’s work has dealt with Kalevala (the Finnish national epic), the stories of Atlantis, the medieval legends, and the paintings of Rembrandt. Anna Breu typically breaks down the foundations of its works and then reforms them. Anna Breu is an artists’ collective founded in 2013. Its members are Antti Jussila, Jari Kallio, Jari Suominen and Sakari Tervo.