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Nov - Dec 2013

Fermin Jiménez Landa

fermin jiménez landa

Including works in video, drawing, photography and sculpture, as well as actions and public interventions, the practice of Fermín Jiménez Landa has embraced Works as diverse as a research about the Greek folk music Rebetiko, the powering of a rotary kebab grill with energy from lemons, staging a snowball fight in mid summer and filling cracks in a pavement with whipped cream.

Operating like a wayward scientist and an exuberant storyteller, the artist invites us to see that the absurd and the profound, the tender and the iconoclastic are two sides of the same coin. He has often dealt with process of equivalence, reversal or exchange, such as a series of works in which the supposed weight of various historical figures and minor celebrities is converted into quotidian items which are grouped or stacked as if minimalist sculptures: Lenin in bottles of tropical juice, Brian de Palma in shampoo.

Breaking the Deadlock in Altitude (2009) was inspired by a 14th-Century tale from Tuscany in which a family planted trees on the the top of their tower to make it the tallest in the town. Jiménez Landa placed an artificial Christmas tree on the helicopter deck of the 154m high Torre Mapfre in Barcelona, temporarily making it 2 metres higher than its neighbouring twin, the Hotel Arts.

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