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21 - 25 May 2014

Kunstvlaai 2014

1646 reacts on work by Wim Poppinga


Amstelpark, Amsterdam

From 21 to 25 May 1646 will be present at Kunstvlaai 2014, located at the Amstelpark, Amsterdam.

1646’ contribution to Kunstvlaai is a temporary intervention to an already existing art work in the Amstelpark in the form of a billboard, the work of Wim Poppinga ‘Big Talk’ (2008) situated at the Bastion entrance. To bring visibility to this specific area of the Park, Poppinga made use of a humourous comment on the billboard format and its advertising speech qualities.

In 2014, 1646 brings a continuation to this comment. Using the context of the Amstelpark as the once glorious location for events like Floriade and today Kunstvlaai, the work adopts a layer of abandonment and decay that comments on political short-term decisions, cultural policies and its time specific interests that often omit investing in cultural infrastructure and sustainability.