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9 - 9 Apr 2010

La Biennale de Paris

alexandre gurita, caroline keppi

The Biennale de Paris is a strategy that supports art practices dissenting from the dominant art system.

Founded in 1959 by André Malraux, the present-day Biennale de Paris supports practices which often fuse with their environment to such an extent that they become barely distinguishable from their surroundings: it favors invisual practices (neologism that designates the experience of art except for its visual character. Invisual is visible but not as art).

Considering it essential to free art from the institutional and commercial demands in order to give space to experiment, the Biennale de Paris defends art which interrogates and operates. It refuses to use all which perpetuates the official production: art objects, whether they are material or immaterial, curators, spectatorship, exhibitions.

The 16th Biennale de Paris takes place between October 1, 2008 and September 30, 2010, when it happens and where it happens. Editions last 2 years and are renewed every 2 years.

Speakers Alexandre Gurita and Caroline Keppi.

Starting Friday April the 9 th at 20.00

More info about La BIENNALE de PARIS at