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6 Oct 2018

Museumnight with Hamid el Kanbouhi

During the museumnight Hamid el Kanbouhi will activate his overwhelming exhibition through his performative installation, as he puts himself on display and offers himself during the performances.

Hamid created new work that takes up the complete gallery space and transformed it into an all covering installation, involving painting, drawing, text, objects and human figures that on special occasions can be activated.

The focus of the installation will be directed on measuring the interpretation of the visitor and his or her interaction with the performer, the space and the object. Unconventional relations are made to the world of football, the position of the player as a product, and the significance the player carries for so many people. In a similar way Hamid El Kanbouhi likes to see the artist and the way the viewer is affected through the game of manipulation. Simultaneously the viewer is involved in experiencing the work, affecting both lives.

The evening starts at 8pm and ends at 1am.