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26 Jun 2014

I got so many id*s running through my head


anna breu

Anna Breu is a courageous seeker
a devotee of love in all its forms
a passionate student and a teacher of dreams
a kind of total creation
in which U man must reassume ones place
between journeys and events
between love and magic
between potato, topato and totapo.

Anna Breu is an artist collective formed in 2013, based in Turku, Finland. The group shares a playful interest towards social norms and behaviors. Anna Breu is a cross-disciplinary group, using moving image, sound and performance as its primary mediums.

Anna Breu is:

Antti Jussila (b. 1979) gained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Turku Art Academy, Finland, in 2007. He’s a member of Maanalainen seurakunta laulaa (MSL) peformance duo. MSL has performed in most major Finnish performance art festivals such as Antagon and Là-bas. In 2013 MSL made their international debut at Art Nomade festival in Chicoutim, Canada.

Jari Kallio (b. 1979) graduated as Bachelor of Arts from Turku Art Academy, Finland, in 2007. Kallio is the other member of performance duo Maanalainen seurakunta laulaa together with Antti Jussila. In his artistic practice Kallio currently concentrates on performance productions as well as arranging art events and workshops.

Jari Suominen (b. 1979) received his Master of Arts degree from Aalto University, Finland, in 2012. He is a member of electronic psychedelia group Shogun Kunitoki, psychedelic power duo Jarse and psychedelic folk group Kiila. Currently he is doing research on Erkki Kurenniemi, Finnish futurologist and pioneering inventor of electronic musical instruments. Suominen has performed at Shanghai World Expo, Trans Musicales festival in France, Project Issue Room in USA and dOCUMENTA(13) in Germany, among others.

Sakari Tervo (b. 1985) graduated as Master of Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. Tervo’s main medium is moving image. His work is characterised by his approach to collaborate with other professionals from different disciplines. In his art Tervo researches everyday topics from complex points of views, offering rather questions than answers. His latest solo exhibitions took place in Kluuvi Gallery (Helsinki)
and Titanik Gallery (Turku) in 2013.

Annukka Vähäsöyrinki (b. 1986) gained her Master of Arts degree from University of Turku, Finland, in 2012. Vähäsöyrinki works as the producer of Anna Breu. Currently she holds the Director’s position at Turku based artists’ Association Arte, where she runs the Contemporary art gallery Titanik, and an international residency programme. Previously she has been working in Contemporary Art Archipelago project as well as with literature and audiovisual export.