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28 Jan - 4 Feb 2012

Probleem kunst opgelost

bas fontein

Problem Art Solved is the new publication of artist Bas Fontein. It’s a collection of 48 newspaper articles from the period 1980 to 2008 kept by the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD).

Each article describes a work of art that in some way disappears: a man stumbles over his shoelace and falls in ancient vases; civil servants stick thumbtacks with football scores and postcards into a pen drawing; the mayor gets headaches from paintings and let them overcoat on doctor’s advice.

The publication refers to the current political climate in the Netherlands, in which the arts are increasingly under pressure. It’s intended that the content of the publication also dissolves after a few years. To achieve this, the pages are printed on thermal paper from a receipt printer. Ingeborg Scheffers is the designer of the book.

During the book launch, the director of the RKD Rudi Ekkart will receive the first copy. Artist Frank Koolen participated with stories about the bizarre mutations of his works during exhibitions.