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7 - 9 Jul 2017

The Anger of the Intestine

laurie charles

From 7 to 9 July 1646 presents the work of the current artist in residence Laurie Charles:
The Anger of the Intestine (La colère de l’intestin)

Charlotte Queen was lying in bed this morning when she started to feel a violent pain in her back. Along her spine a shake electrified her from top to bottom. Was a Preharmonic Pain expending in her entire body, or was it the anger of her intestine? Later, an eruption was recorded.

The Anger of the Intestine is a reading of a collection of sources including the story of Charlotte King and Aesop’s Fable “The Belly and the members”. It will sometime soon transform into a film about ecology and communities; the plot will incorporate people amongst other animals, fungus, microbes and microorganisms, and vegetables.

Love of Matter (2016) will be projected alongside the reading and one painting of a reflexology map will be hanging in the room.

Laurie Charles makes videos in which she invites her friends to play: there she mixes folklores, humanities and histories (and narratives of history). Also she writes and paints – fictions and on canvases – speculative narratives.
At 1646, she is making science fiction by re-writing and re-enacting the history of certain communitarian experiences: North-American utopias, Deep Ecology, ecofeminism and the marginal worldwide movement. The narration will not be anthropocentric and will grant a leading role to bacteria and plants – which are great actors! It will think post-natural: commenting on and opposing to the dichotomy of the natural against the non-natural.