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6 Feb 2016

The ongoing conversation #3

ana guedes, fela kim, hyuntae lee, mamoru okuno, matthijs walhout, natasha taylor

The Ongoing Conversation III is a presentation of performance and artworks by students of the Master Artistic Research from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague. This project is the outcome of the third year of collaboration between 1646 and the MAR.

The work of the participating artists:

Ongoing from 18.00 – Matthijs Walhout
Installation in the front space
After the Iconoclastic Fury, I imagine, pieces of saints and Jesuses lay scattered throughout cathedrals. Someone must have decided to pick up the pieces and throw them away, thus complacently fulfilling both the clergy’s desire to not see their Gods defaced, and the iconoclasts’ urge for destruction. This is where we missed out on the opportunity of a truly reimag(in)ed Christ(ianity).
Fuelled by Queer Anger, I go back to this moment and Extend it to uncover objects of my desire; per/versions, trans/gressions, pen/s and other phallic sacra of the wounded O/one.

17.00 Fela Kim: Playing around freedom
Physical sketching session
Limited availability, reservation required via email to and please wear comfortable clothes.
In the run-up to her graduation project on freedom and organisation Fela Kim invites people into her research process by means of a physical sketching session. Expect playful physical and written exercises and group discussions around the topic of freedom.

18.00 Ana Guedes
Sound installation in artists initiative Elders (click here for address)
Threnody for an improbable ensemble is a performative installation. The piece is an exploration of the shape-shifting nature that is the convergence of different points in time and space, a quest to find resolution to it’s own process of coming into existence. The piece is intended to exist in between a constant cycle of acoustics, layering colliding sound events, movement and matter that seems to find a resolution in attunenement through juxtaposing its dissonances.

19.00 Mamoru Okuno
17th century Dutch bookmakers inscribed a possible world: though not actual, it has been printed in geography books, engraved illustrations, collective travelogues and paratext. An imaginary was transformed into a reality that has been expanding ever since, and still resonates in the now-here. The first two chapters of the “long listening journey of a Possible thiStory especially of Japanese & Dutch & something more” will be introduced through lecture performance.

19.30 Break

20.00 Evening Program

Natasha Taylor
Sound and Video installation in the back space
Electronic technology is often perceived as possessing some sort of strange magic, an indescribable “presence”. There is something lurking just beyond the range of our perception, an electronic world that is somehow beyond our physical reach. Radio, telephone, video, television, email, sms & the internet allow the mind to leave the body and transport a different level of his or her consciousness to a distant destination.

HyunTae Lee
Presentation of 10-year long project in collaboration with 1646 and closing program
I have found I am not yet ready. I asked them if I can have more time. They allowed me to have a decade. For a decade, I promised, I will be present at every event of theirs, until I become ready. Meanwhile, one day, I captured a moment of their space. In the captured moment, with(in) the suspended time of the space, I am going to prepare for a decade.