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Mar - Apr 2014
Raphaël Constant

_“There is a saying that observation changes the observed reality. this also transforms the subject doing the observing.” _
This quote by philosopher and ethnologist Jean Pouillon regarding a work by Claude Levi-Strauss could be closely related to the artistic world of Raphaël Constant as well.

Raphaël Constant is moving his “nomadic studio” while traveling amazon, Cambodia, Ghana and Korea, etc. not any fixed workspace: experiments regarding locals, experiences, life styles, histories and cultures were combined to become Raphaël Constant’s work materials. His mediums of representation are diverse, including photography, print-making and sculpture, but his most recent works were created through video. through the medium of video, Raphaël Constant intended to emphasize and speak of geographically external experiences. This video work was created in completely different situations and sometimes projected cultural differences as well. It is also the result of an artist’s emotions regarding others and perception in the artist’s own original identity.

Francesca Zappia

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  • 1st of May, 2021

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Please note that the application should be completed in English and includes:

  • Application form, available for download here
  • Documentation of work (max. 50 pages)
  • Artist’s statement / Project proposal for the residency period (together max. 1 A4)

Submit your application via email to including a scanned version of the application form. If possible, please submit the application as a multi-page PDF file.

Note that for proper reception of the application, download links of video material or larger files (transferred through services like Wetransfer) should be included in the PDF file instead of being sent as individual emails.

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