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Christopher Kline




Over the course of the month of May (2018) was working on the development of O.K. – The Musical (Dutch Colonial). The musical is based around the history and lore of Kinderhook, a small, somewhat obscure town in upstate New York. The musical is oriented around the propagation of the word “O.K.” and its associations with Old Kinderhook. The town of Kinderhook was one of the earliest Dutch settlements in the “New World”, and as such its history, lore, and legends tell a microcosmic version of U.S. and world history replete with the inherent effects of imperialism, war, ethnic cleansing, slavery, and class struggle as well as all of the polarising issues of today. With these bloody and difficult truths ever-present, the musical simultaneously focuses on the human scale, embracing the small triumphs of human imagination and ingenuity, and working to strengthen bonds within existing communities by inviting them together to reinterpret Kinderhook’s history from both outside and within.



Written & Directed by Christopher Kline Produced by 1646

PRODUCTION TEAM: Johan Gustavsson Floris Kruidenberg Clara Pallí Monguilod Daphne Simons Kathrin Wagner CAST and CHOIR: Bergur Thomas Anderson, Yegyeong Cha, Vasiliki Giakoumi, Robbin Heyker, Kristýna Markovičová, Enna, Mikkelsen Mahieu, Thorsten Nass, Sonja Pierie, Leonardo Scarin, Kim Smit, Julian Sirre, Meike Touw, Ilse van der Hoeven, Martje Verhagen

MUSICIANS: Marian Masik – Arrangements & drum Ornella Balhi – Arrangements & recorders Philip De Goey – Flute Miro Herak – Vibraphone Andor Horvath – Double Bass Kayla Dewata – Violin Valentine Leroux – Recorders Rebecca Marcussen – Recorders Leonardo Scarin – Guitar improvizations

COSTUMES BY: Clara Pallí Monguilod Yegyeong Cha SETS AND

PROPS CREATED BY: Bergur Thomas Anderson, Dünya Atay, Ayla Aron. Ornella Balhi, Felix Bodin, Yegyeong Cha, Ioana Ciora, Rosa Dalle Vedove, Melle de Groot , Ines Delgado, Malou Den Dekker, Alex Enzlin, Vasiliki Giakoumi , Johan Gustavsson, Ronja Gustavsson, Ella Hebendanz, Paul Heß, Junghyun Kim, Christopher Kline, Floris Kruidenberg, Brigitte Louter, Shani Leseman, Marlot Meyer, Clara Pallí Monguilod, Ramon Ottenhof, Lorenzo Quint, Leonardo Scarin, Edd Schouten, Daphne Simons, Kim Smit, Pamela Soria, Kathrin Wagner, Bo Wielders, Dmitri van den Wittenboer, Jeroen van der Hulst


About Christopher Kline: Kline (b. 1982, Kinderhook, USA) is a Berlin-based artist and musician who co-runs the project space Kinderhook & Caracas with Sol Calero, and co-produces the artist-run TV Network CONGLOMERATE.


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