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Laurie Charles

The Anger of the Intestine



Charlotte Queen was lying in bed this morning when she started to feel a violent pain in her back. Along her spine a shake electrified her from top to bottom. Was a Preharmonic Pain expending in her entire body, or was it the anger of her intestine? Later, an eruption was recorded.

The Anger of the Intestine is a reading of a collection of sources including the story of Charlotte King and Aesop’s Fable “The Belly and the members”. It will sometime soon transform into a film about ecology and communities; the plot will incorporate people amongst other animals, fungus, microbes and microorganisms, and vegetables.”


About Laurie Charles: Laurie Charles is a visual and textual storyteller, she writes and paints speculative narratives on large canvases as well as through installations.
Performance by Jat Tan and Marnie Slater


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